Warm Up With New York: Roxana Rafatjah | CORE CULTURE

(This article is published on the CORE Culture Blog.)

All the intensely high energy in NYC is what makes this city so great, but it can also be draining without a break to decompress.

An old textile factory since 1883, Aire Ancient Baths in TriBeCa opened in 2012 as what might be the most beautifully designed, relaxing oasis in the entire city.

On the rare occasion that I get the opportunity to decompress for a couple hours and escape the cold of winter, there is nothing that rejuvenates your body and mind better than soaking in their warm salt water bath after the steam room, and then plunging into the ice cold pool. It’s so invigorating!

The small yoga classes there are a really special experience in the warmth between the pools, dim candle lighting, music that sounds like monks are singing… My lack of yoga skills is quite apparent I’m sure, but I feel the zen while getting a good sweat and stretch in the peaceful ambiance.

As we are transitioning into spring I will definitely be treating myself to a yoga, massage and ancient bath at this gorgeous sanctuary. After relieving muscle tension and clearing the mind, I’m always recharged, more focused and ready to hit the world full force again!